Sunday, 30 June 2013

Sorry for the Delay...

Did you miss us?  I knew you did J

I apologize for not blogging earlier, we are now in Northern Ontario and I am having some difficulty with internet access…this includes instagram.  There will be a fresh load of pics once I my phone gets an internet signal.  Clearly I’ve chosen a poor provider for cross country treks.

So we met our first true test of our trip when we first stopped for the night.  The tongue on the trailer which connects it to the bus decided to buckle.  The good news was that we were in camp and we were able to set up tents (albeit in the dark) and get a good nights rest.  In the morning we made the attempt to take the trailer into town but it just wasn’t meant to be and we were forced to stop at the side of the road and call CAA, upgrade our membership to RV coverage to include the trailer and having towed to a shop to have it fixed. 

As a result we had to take an extended tour of Sudbury.  Scouter Andy stayed with the trailer while the rest of the Scouts led by the equally capable Scouter Colin ventured to Dynamic Earth to see the Giant Nickel and take the grand tour which included a dinosaur exhibit and a guided tour through a mine!  Just as lunch concluded, we got word from Scouter Andy letting us know the trailer was repaired and we could get back on the road.  Big thanks to Scouter Gerry and Scouter Barbe who helped us every step of the way during our delay.

Day 2’s itinerary was to conclude with us staying in Thunder Bay for the night, but our delay forced us to stop short and we camped overnight beside Crescent Lake, which was beautiful…although infested with mosquitos.  Some campers braved the leaches and went for a swim that night, and some in the morning.  Luckily we escaped with only two older scouters having to receive the salt treatment.  Bleh.

Day 3 has begun with an amazing sunrise and we have nothing but blue skies ahead of us.  We passed two moose (off the side of the road and no threat to us) just after we broke camp.  The newly re-enforced trailer is working just fine and scouters are all still happy and smiling.  We stopped by the infamous Wawa goose for breakfast and photos, met Scouter Wally from Wawa and another traveling scouter (from London on his way to CJ) and even the tour bus driver in the parking lot was a leader from Misissauga! 

Now making our way towards Thunder Bay.    I believe the next stop is the Terry Fox Memorial.  As a very small child I passed Terry Fox while he was jogging both on the way and back from one of our family trips out west.  The itinerary also say The Sleeping Giant, but I’m not certain what we are forgoing in order to make up time from our delay.

That’s where we’re at!  Hopefully you are enjoying the twitter/instagram photos…and hopefully we’ll get a signal back and you can get more of them!  As for photos on this blog, I’m not sure we can upload them all so I promise I will make copies of them all and share them on our return!

Thanks for your patience, doing our best to keep you updated.

Scouter Keith

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