Friday, 28 June 2013

We Can't Stop Here...

This is bat country!  Luckily, this is the only way Andy resembles Hunter S. Thompson…

Sunrise this morning brought us rain, and lots of it.  As luck would have it (and I’m hoping this is an omen for the whole trip) it broke just long enough for us to pack up the bus and trailer, say a quick prayer, bless the bus and be on our way.

Not a bad start considering my personal track record with some of vacations include stitches, 2nd degree rug burn and trying to locate a shop who can replace my radiator at 6am on a Sunday morning….

After a few more off an on showers and some good old long weekend cottage traffic, we are well on our way.  The sun broke through just north of Barrie and we enjoyed a delicious, scenic dinner by the marina in Pointe Au Baril.

We are now on our way to our campground for the night, and hopefully some stargazing away from the big city lights!

Mood is good, kids are happy and healthy.

I'm having trouble uploading photos on the road.  Will post them to the blog when I get better reception...sorry.

Until tomorrow,
Scouter Keith 

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