Monday, 15 July 2013

Into the US!


An arduous, yet uneventful departure from CJ on Saturday.  Our bus was parked approximately 2km from our camp site and between Friday and Saturday it took us about half a dozen trips to get everything hiked back up the hill and on the bus.  We ended up leaving slightly later than anticipated, but with mixed emotions we left Sylvan Lake.  (Not before a much needed Timmy’s stop in Red Deer).

We dropped Scouter Julio, Ben and Connor at the airport and said our farewells, before heading South to Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump.  It was the last opportunity for wifi before most of us had to turn roaming off on our phones.  (we’re currently at a campsite with free wifi).  HSIBJ was beautiful, I’m sure our pictures just couldn’t do it justice.

We are still in Montana now…a huge state, but absolutely beautiful.  I’ve never travelled to this part of the US before and I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to come back.

We made a stop at the Lewis And Clark Caves, the hike up was beautiful (and very hot!) but the caves were cool and refreshing and AMAZING!  Not for the clausterphobic though….  I took as many pics as I can, but with low light some may be a little blurry.  From what I’ve seen, most of them look like we were touring the Mines Of Moria (NERD ALERT!).

We continue to be blessed with beautiful weather.

This morning we are heading to Yellowstone and Old Faithful and hopefully Mount Rushmore.  Someone told me that if we don’t want to look like tourists we should refer to it as the ‘faces’.  Obviously they hadn’t seen our giant Scouter bus.

Two more sleeps until home!

>Scouter Keith

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