Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Videos of Yellowstone

Some videos that facebook won't let me upload of the Scouts trip to Yellowstone and beyond.  Old Faithful is longest at 90 seconds I think:

the first is sunlight reflecting off of bacteria water produced by the geyesers

This one is the mud bubbling up from the heat and gasses below.  Kind of looked like a boiling pot of cream of mushroom soup.

This one looked like the Sarlac pit.  I kept waiting for a giant tongue to come out and grab someones ankle.

The imfamous Old Faithful!

On our second to last night, we stopped to reflect on our trip and to pay tribute to the passing of the Great Grandmother of one of the scouts.  As she was being honoured, a chorus of cicadas (or June bugs?) chimed in, and got louder...and louder...and louder, until we could hardly hear each other.  I like to think of it as the sign that G.G. was listening and sending us all message.

Our last stop was crazy fireflies...

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